Comprehensive Strategic Management Model

For the establishment of any business, management strategy is the most important element. The comprehensive strategic management model is define as the basic strategic tool. That helps to develop the vision, mission and objectives for the development of any business. It thoroughly analyses the external and internal environment for the better execution of the strategic plan.

Business manager must have a clear vision of the requirements for the successful business. An effective leadership must start with a clear vision and mission that serve as a base for the development of business. A sound strategic management model has key components. Their presence affect the quality of the strategy.

Comprehensive Strategic Management Model

The important components of comprehensive strategic management model are follows

  • There must be some clear ideology including the vision, mission and objectives
  • An analyses of internal environment that keep the business save from any issues preventing the business perform at its best.
  • An analyses of external environment and risks existing there
  • A user friendly maps and charts that guide the business in better decision making.
  • Must include definite accountability for the outcomes.

An effective comprehensive strategic management model is always flexible to meet all the needs of the business. But, keep in mind the components for the development of strategic plan.

Strategic Business Model

Strategic business model is the guideline that guides you how to make the market value of your business. The business model is divided into three distinct. Sales and marketing, planning and manufacture and revenue of management.

This is the strategy that tells an organization, how to make effective plans for the success of the business.

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Benefits Of Strategic Business Model

There are many benefits of strategic business which includes the finding of best opportunities for your business. Others are discuss below:

  • Firm that is engage in the strategic business model are seen to be more profitable and successful as compare to other companies.
  • The strategic business model help in identifying the internal and external threats to the business as well as it helps in increasing the productivity of an employee
  • This model gives the clarity of visions, helps to focus on main issues as well as highlight the directions for your business
  • It helps to better understand the weaknesses and strengths of the business.
  • It also allows you make agreements on long term bases for the successful future of your business.
  • Also provides new opportunities for the productivity of the employee and business.

Components Of Strategic Business Model

There are five major components of strategic business model

1-The mission: we start any business with a mission therefore, it includes what is the reason for the existence of the business or” why” the company is established what are the objectives behind it. This guides the employee to make the best decisions for the welfare of the company.

2- Target: next we will move toward target. The company must identify its target for the development of strategic plan. It highlights “where” the company competes.

3-value proposition: it consist of “what” and contain information about the products developed, services provided and the pricing system,

4-Go-to-market: it includes all the planning about the distribution, sales, profit and loss of the company.

5- Organization: in an organization all the functions are organize and includes all the executions make by the employee and partners. It includes all the information about “how” the things will get done according to the strategic plan.

Business Level Strategy Guide

When a company is establish, every company sets some goals. But the real challenge is to achieve those goals and to direct your company on the track of achieving the desired goals. Therefore, a business level strategy provide you means to achieve competitive advantages.

The business level strategies are made in accordance with the weaknesses and strengths of the product. It depends upon how a company wants his customers to perceive it.

Business Level Strategy

Business level strategy is therefore, a unique property which attracts the customers. It determines how a business is utilizing its resources to take its business at the peak. It is helpful in making a differentiation from other companies as well as ensures specific goals for the company.

Advantages Of Business Level Strategy

Business level strategy has many advantages including the cost leadership as well as differentiation.

  • We can achieve cost leadership by decreasing the expense on the executions or by increasing the margin of profit.

Differentiation is achieve by introducing a different and unique product that has some value for the customer.


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