Agile Project Plan Template

Agile is actually a type of methodology in project management that is interactive and incremental. It provides an ability to identify the change as well as to adapt that change accordingly. For this purpose, Agile Project Plan Template is of great importance.

It provides infrastructure and keeps everyone on track. You will find this article useful as it guides you to better understand agile project planning, its principles, and its merits as well.

Agile methodology mostly uses for complex projects in which there are greater chances of unpredictable circumstances and deadlines are narrow e.g.  Software development, a project with new products, and new marketing proposals.

In order to write an effective Agile Project Plan Template, the following information must consider

  • First of all, it is important to determine the main objectives of the project
  • Collection of information of all the requirements of the project including the resources
  • Explanation of the scope on the level of project work
  • Make sure to identify the dependencies of the project as it will help you a lot
  • Estimation of the efficacy of your employee as well as the expectations of the customer from your company
  • Prepare an overall strategy for scheduling the project and estimate the budget for your project. this estimation will help you track whether you are heading in the right direction or not
  • Finally, get approval for your project

Download: Project Charter Template

Agile Project Plan Template

What is agile project planning?

Agile project planning is the way of breaking down your project into small sections commonly known as sprints that left a powerful impact on the customer. The time duration for each sprint varies with the complexity of the task and it serves as a deadline for that task.

This type of management planning allows you to cope up with change and each sprint is considered as a single development cycle.

Merits of Agile Project Plan Template

Excel provides us with a variety of templates that are helpful in many fields of project management. It breaks down your work (WBS) in a self-contained section and makes them manageable in a very effective and efficient way.

Some of the benefits will discuss below

  • It provides you with ways that you are able to implement the solutions more rapidly
  • This is capable of making reduction in waste as it minimizes the use of resources
  • It provides maximum flexibility and increases the opportunities to adapt to the change
  • As the efforts are focused on using this template so it increases the success rate of the project
  • Greater chances of turnaround times
  • It provides the fastest means to detect ant defects or risks and provide the solution for each problem
  • It gives a lighter weight structure to your project, so you are able to have optimal control over your project.
  • This template help you focus on the basic customer needs, so it maximizes the frequency of collaboration among the team members as well as with the customer

In the field of project management, and Agile project plan template benefits the project leader, sponsor, team members even the customers. This is far much better than the traditional methodologies in the project management field.

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Frameworks of Agile Methodology

Agile project planning is like an umbrella having many frameworks under it. The framework is actually the set of rules with the help of which you are able to turn the principles into practices. The most famous frameworks under agile methodology are as follows

  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Lean
  • Extreme programming

How to Create an Agile Project Planning Process

The agile project plan template is user-friendly management and is also effortless, but it gives an amazing output. The more you use it, the more you will get expert in using it. There are the following steps in creating an effective agile project plan template.

Agile Project Plan Template

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Creation of user story

In this phase, you understand the expectations of the user and find out possible ways to meet their needs. The person involved in agile project planning is the team members, clients and project owners.

Estimation of story

Once the story gets complete, there comes the phase of estimation of the possible efforts that require in order to implement that story. Story points serve as an aid in the measurement of these efforts required.


In this phase, you have a variety of stories taken from the users. Now it’s time to prioritize them. It involves all the team members. Members for the specific story are selecting through voting. Prioritization can be done with a special method “Moscow” which stands for, Must. Should. Could and won’t.

Release plan

In agile project methodology, the release is when the highest rank stories prioritize in an effective manner. This also involves all the team members and here need arises to understand what the stakeholders and product owners are expecting from you. The release plan transfer from these two to the development team and then get the feedback.

Sprint planning

Now it’s time to create the sprints that are discussed earlier. For this purpose, a meeting is arranged. One of the high-priority stories is chosen by the development team, divided into multiple sprints and each sprint is assigned to each member of the development team.

There is a repetition of the sprint planning process for each story until there reached the capacity of the team

Sprint iteration

Now the sprints have been created and are assigned as well. Every member of the development team is now aware of its role and responsibilities. The progress of the project track by the manager with the help of the chart.

After the completion of the first sprint, get feedback from the team members. The first sprint is usually present to the customer.

This template provides you a user-friendly atmosphere. It can customize according to the requirements of your project. its design is in a way that you can make a better decision, easily track the project progress, and much easier understand.

Download: Template For Project Tracking Excel

Top 5 Agile Project Plan Templates

Here are five popular Agile project plan templates in Excel:

Scrum Project Plan Template:

    1. Organizes tasks by sprint, including user stories, prioritization, and progress tracking.
    2. Ideal for teams using Scrum methodology, facilitating sprint planning and backlog management.

Kanban Project Plan Template:

    1. Visualizes workflow stages with columns (e.g., to do, in progress, done) and task cards.
    2. Enables teams to manage work in progress, identify bottlenecks, and optimize their process.

Agile Gantt Chart Template:

    1. Combines Agile principles with Gantt chart format for detailed project scheduling.
    2. Helps in resource planning and progress monitoring, showing tasks’ duration and dependencies.

Sprint Backlog Template:

    1. Simple template for managing sprint backlogs, featuring user stories, task breakdown, and status.
    2. Assists teams in planning and tracking work within sprints to achieve sprint goals.

Release Planning Template:

    1. Facilitates high-level release planning, allowing teams to map out features and track progress.
    2. Helps in prioritizing features, estimating effort, and planning releases across multiple iterations.


These Agile project plan templates in Excel provide flexibility and customization options to suit different project needs and methodologies. They help teams effectively plan, manage, and track their work, facilitating collaboration and success in Agile projects.

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