Critical Chain Project Management

This article will help you better understand the concept of critical chain project template. Download Template in Excel Format. If you want to manage your project with an efficient schedule you can use this method of management. And you are on the right platform. It guides the manager to maintain and run its project in less time with cost-effectiveness.

It improves the performance of the team members and using buffer makes the constraints of the resources much less. A buffer act as an effective tool of measurement for controlling and managing the schedule of the project. It eradicates multitasking, focuses on the reporting of each and every activity of the project. There are some points of critical chain project management.

  1. It helps in leveling the resources as it is the most challenging task for any organization.
  2. This chain is very effective for complex projects in which huge amounts of resources are needed.
  3. It also allows you to accomplish each task on time because of efficient scheduling.
  4. It includes the use of a proper buffer, for example, project buffer, feeding buffer, and resource buffer.
  5. The critical chain provides a platform, where workers easily identify the resource dependences.
  6. It makes the manager capable of handling any kind of uncertain situation by limiting the task duration to an average.Critical Chain Project Management

What is Critical Chain Project Management?

It is actually the way of managing the project by focusing on the resources (people, equipment, and material) and better scheduling. It also increases the cost-effectiveness of the project and makes it less time-consuming as well. This improves the outcome of the project as compared to other methods of managing the project.

Benefits of Critical Chain Project Management

The use of traditional project management tasks will be able to manage the task but it will be time-consuming as well as it will increase the cost of the project. Instead of these, the use of critical chain project management will provide you a lot of benefits which are as follows

  • It gives an overall view of the project life cycle and the efforts throughout the life cycle.
  • It decreases the critical requirement of the project.
  • This makes the members focus on the tasks, thus increases their capability as well as their productivity.
  • It also helps the manager to accomplish his tasks as early as possible in the best-expected way.

What Is Critical Chain Method Template?

For a better understanding, one must know w the difference between the critical chain method and the critical path method. In the critical chain, method the main focus is the resources while in the critical path method the main focus is the task only. This may also be termed as a resource to task difference.

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Buffers Used in the Critical Chain Project Management

CCMP has the concept of buffers that ensures the availability of resources whenever required. There are the following types of buffers used

Critical Chain Project Management

Project Buffer

It is the extra time added to the task so that it might not face any kind of delay. It inserts between the last task and the completion date.

Feeding Buffer

It is inserted in the initial stages before the starting of the first task of the critical chain. It makes sure that any task feeding on the critical chain might not delay the critical chain.

Resource Buffer

It consists of a resource alert system that informs you about the availability of the resource when it is required to work on the critical chain task.

Capacity Buffer

In case, any uncertain budget issue comes in the way, the on-call resources are provided by the capacity buffer.

CCMP is, therefore, the best tool for managing a project in an effective way. It provides smart planning to ensure that tasks are done when needed. By using the buffers, it provides complete safety to the project from every angle. It is a very important and helpful tool. It controls the plan well and gets feedback by analyzing the buffers.

In addition, I hope this article will help you to understand the value, also usage of this template.

External Reference: Critical Chain Project Management By Wikipedia

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