Issue Log Template Excel

In this article we will discuss the issue log template in excel. The issue log is a document that is used to identify the issues and problem, your project is facing. And it gives the appropriate ways to resolve them and ensures the progress of the project. In the life cycle of project management a manager may face number of issues that effects the efficacy of project. There should be proper tools to manage these issues so this is the best tool for this purpose.

What is an issue? Issue can be any problem, disturbances and conflicts that arises during the lifecycle of project. It may include staff and supplies related problems, shortage of resources and equipment etc. If the issues are ignore and measures are not taken the project may be postpone or become delayed. So companies use issue log template to resolve or manage such type of issues.

Issue Log Template Excel

The issue log is also known as issue register that contains all the tracks and records of the issues a company is facing and that are need to be resolved. It also contains the details of all the member that are dealing with these issues. This template serve us in following ways

  • This template is the best tool for managing and resolving all the issues relating to project during the project life cycle.
  • Its also in the form of document that contains the tracks and records of all the problems that need to be fix.
  • It provides the ways that help in the communication among the team members and the stakeholders and this sharing helps in trust building of the stakeholders.
  • It also ensures the progress of the project by managing and resolving the issues.

Issue are categorize depending upon their severity, it can be critical, low, medium, high and trivial. They all can be resolved using this template. This template gives a single place to log all the issues. And they are prioritize easily according to need. It also identify the recurring issues and save the project from such issues in the future

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Components Of Issue Log Template

  • Issue name
  • Issue number
  • Explanation of issue
  • Priority
  • Raise by
  • Reporting date
  • Assigned to
  • Open date
  • Close date
  • Feedback or comments

These are the components or we can say a key points of this log template

Issue Log PMP Template

In Project management issue log is of key importance, everyone wants their project to be smooth and flexible and to make sure of this an issue log pmp template is used. If keeps check on all the resources, keep your project on track, record the issues and problems, suggest the means to resolve them and ensures the progress of your project at any cost. Sometime a project may face some unexpected situations which impact on the outcome of the project which everyone wants to avoid. So issue pmp template gives you the advantage to deal with such issues in very effective way and your project keep going towards progress.

now we will discuss the types of issue log PMP template. Depending upon the type of issue the issue log is of different type to serve you in every possible way. They are as follows

Issue Tracker Dashboard Excel

issue tracker dashboard excel serves a project in many ways. In this dashboard the issues are identify, prioritize, tracking and documentation and many more steps will take to rectify or remove the issue and make your project protected.

Change Log Template

This template help manager track and log the changes request during the project life cycle. This template you can update or change according to the submitted change request. The request for the change can be accept or reject. This area of the project should be carefully manage otherwise cause serious issues. Companies appoint highly talented and authorized staff to manage this part of the project. This may include changes in scope, deliverables etc.

Change Request Log Template

Change request is a document that informs that a system adjustment is needed and helps a lot in change management process. There are different change requests depending upon the types of request they may be normal change, major change, standard change or any emergency change. It contains the project name, request number, requestor information, description and reasons for the change, impact of that change on project health,

Prince2 Issue Log Template

Price2 issue log template is used to track all the issues. It needs a regular monitoring. Informal issues be resolve on the daily bases and they do not need any assistance though meeting or conferences. Its format can be a spreadsheet, database or a document. This tool is very easy to handle and gives you an accurate track of all types of issues that need to be resolved.

Issue Log Register Template

Issue log register is a productive tool for keeping the track of all the issues taking place in a project. They are characterize by number to be easily identify and are prioritize which helps the manger to focus on the real problem that are harmful for the health of a project. It helps in following

Issue Log Template Excel

  • Prioritize the issues
  • Explain the impact of issues
  • Specify the actions to be taken

Ensures the rectification of issues.

Project Management issue log Template

The project management, either single or multiple projects needs some proper tools/template. Our project Portfolio Tracker is the best project planning dashboard system. Easily manage and mitigate issue through heat map and resource management.

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