Project Initiation Document Template

If you are trying to manage any project, and all of the members of your project are not on the same page, in this situation everyone gets confused about where the project is heading. This is not a favorable condition for your project. Therefore, confusion breeds within an organization. Unnecessary worries and fear may be a harbor.

In order to avoid such incidents, excel provides us with a beneficial template known as the project initiation document template. If you are looking forward to such type of information, you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss this template, how it is useful in the field of project management.

  1. It doesn’t matter how big or small a project is, project initiation document is the key to its success
  2. This helps to initiate the project in a manageable way by avoiding unnecessary workload
  3. It keeps a check on if some changes are required in the life cycle of project
  4. It ensures the sound basis of the project so that it makes the position of your organization strong in the market
  5. This template also serves as a strong foundation on the basis of which a manager can make further contracts related to the project
  6. It gives the single source reference about the project so that it can be easily understandable by the contract based or temporary employee as well
  7. Accountability is provided by the project initiation document for all the project elements and gives the criteria for the project
  8. This also provides the scope and direction for the project execution.

Project Initiation Document

What is Project Initiation Document?

This is a living document that defines the project scope clearly, provides the ways for its management and contains all the information about, how a company or an organization can be successful. It is necessary for the internal guidance of an organization as well as for the external stakeholders.

A project initiation document should always be a living document that explains the current situations, plans as well as discusses the control over the project in the best way possible.

Elements of Project Initiation Document Template

PID serves as an initial reference throughout the project life cycle. An effective project initiation document template must contain the following elements

  • Project goals and objectives
  • Scope of the project
  • Identification of stakeholders
  • Risk management plans
  • Reports regarding performance
  • PID sign off
  • Summary about the project

How to Create A Project Initiation Document

As a manager, you not only need to focus on your responsibilities but are also be bound to keep in check the activities of each and every person in the organization so that, no hindrance would come in the way of your project.  This document keeps a manager and its team on track throughout the project life cycle. In order to create an effective document, the following steps should be followed

Context of project

As in project management, you are dealing with the client, so you must have the following acquires related to the project

  1. What is the reason for perusing this project?
  2. What is the project related to?
  3. How to solve the related problems?
  4. How the goals are achieved?
  5. What is the definition of success?
  6. What are the merits of the comparison of the project’s success?

Specify the goals and objectives so that you may be able to run your project with great success

Parameter of Project

For the project, you should have some expert people working in the firm. The real challenge is to keep all the people on the same track so that they can give the expected outcomes. Specification of the project plan in this document is as important as highlighting the project scope. The document should be transparent about all this information

  • Budget of the project
  • How the budget needed to be broken down?
  • Timeline for the accomplishment of the project
  • How to collaborate with the client?
  • Prioritize the targets

Loss is not only of the organization alone, it’s always the loss of each and every person of the organization. So it’s necessary that each and every person in your firm is promising towards the project and perform their duties well.

Defining Of Specifications

In a project initiation document, one must clearly define the project specifics as they will help your team know what are the goals and objectives of the project and how are they be able to achieve them.

  • Boundaries for the scope
  • Requirements for the project
  • In scope and out scope specifications

Expectations should keep in mind by the team members and they need to perform accordingly.

Project Initiation Document Template

Highlight the Project Breakdown Structure and Plan

Every person in the firm should have a clear understanding of the deliverables they are creating. It’s beneficial to break the workload into smaller chunks so that they can be perform in an effective and efficient way within the given time limit. This will help you decrease the workload by creating a work breakdown structure.

Smart planning will provide you a better understanding of the project as well as accountability. They can give their best by tying themselves in resource planning. It will clear the dependencies and each person will be a part of the project.

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Define Roles and Responsibilities

The challenging task in the project initiation document is the selection of expert and able staff for the execution of the project. For this purpose, a manager has to create a project team structure. It should clearly define who is working on which post or who is eligible for which post so that your project will be on its way to success. These dependencies will be discussed in the document like

  • Who is responsible for which task?
  • And Who will be the decision-maker?
  • Who should approve before the outcome is handed over to the client?

Who needs to be kept in confidence?

Identification of Risks and Their Management

Specify the expected risks that your project can face. Look for the management of these risks to avoid any trouble during the project execution. You should have some plan B or migration strategies in the project initiation document template to avoid any unfavorable situation. This will be better for the health of your project.

Sharing of Project Initiation Document

It is necessary to share this document with all the team members so that they have an overview of all the activities they need to perform. This is better for the purpose of later check-ins. It will help you keep your team on track throughout the project life cycle. This template will ensure the progress of your organization

From simple task management to complex project management, excel provides you with a project initiation document template to make your tasks easily manageable and smooth. The use of this template will increase productivity and efficacy. Your team will be able to achieve the desired goals within the given period of time.

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