Handling a project, in the field of project management is a complicated task as it includes multiple tasks to handle and monitor at regular intervals of time. Due to the complex components of a project, it becomes a very challenging task to run a progressive project without any trouble. What would be the way that a manager has an overall landscape of its project? So that he may know where the project is heading.

All this information related to the tasks of the project can be summarized with the help of the project roadmap template. By using this document a manager can understand when, how, and where of his project. This document can be shared easily with anyone.

Excel provides us with a variety of tools and templates that serves a lot in the field of project management. One of the beneficial templates is the Project Roadmap Template Excel. If we summarize the feature we can say

  • It gives a high-level visual representation of all the activities. It serves as a guide so this template act as the best communication tool so that you can keep the stakeholder’s update at every phase of the project life cycle.
  • This document keeps the activities aligned with the strategy. It enables all the members to have a better understanding of each part of the work no matter with which part they are dealing with.
  • This template is very simple and user-friendly.
  • This also serves as the best tool for the project management portfolio, so helps the manager in handling multiple projects at a time.
  • It enables you to track your progress on regular basis and make you aware of all the possible risks and guide you with the possible solutions and risk management
  • It also gives a better communication system so that you stay in contact with the stakeholder as well as the team members and keep them informed all the time.

Project Roadmap Template

What is Project Roadmap?

A project roadmap defines as an overview of the project that sets the milestone, goals, and objectives for a project. It describes all the phases of the project and very clearly defines the timeline of the project.

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How to Create a Project Roadmap Template

The main purpose of the template is to extract the information from your project planning and present it to you in such a presentable visual manner that you can have a high-level overview of all the activities taking place in your project.

This should be not so long but in such an appropriate size that can easily be digested by all the stakeholders and team members. It’s best to fit on one page only. In order to make an effective road map following key components are required

  • Project overview

The main aim is to highlight the project milestone and the goals. So no need to go into detail as the charter already defines your goals and objectives well.

  • Dependencies

It’s better to use a Gantt chart tool for your project roadmap as it gives you an opportunity to connect all the dependencies and present them in a high-level view.

  • Project risks

Mention all the possible risks that are not healthful for the major content of your projects like scope, goals, and deliverables

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  • Overview of schedule

This roadmap template serves as a visual timeline of your project. You must include the schedule of your project in it. It includes the major elements like milestones and deliverables

  • Resources

Resources are the backbone of any project. There should be their availability all the time during the project life cycle. Mention all the human resources as well as the physical resources in the template

  • Key personal

Mention all the key personal that are part of your project. Also, specify the ways to contact them or reach them

  • Roles and responsibilities

An effective roadmap template must include the roles and responsibilities of all the personals starting from A to z. this helps you keep track of the efficacy of each employee as well as who is responsible for which task.

Project Roadmap Template

Top Features for an Effective Roadmap Plan Template

There are some essential that makes a template much more reliable and effective and without them, it will not work for you effectively and efficiently. The topmost feature that should be included in the roadmap template are discussed below

  • This should be much flexible to access the goals and objectives of the project easily
  • Should satisfy the expectations of the stakeholder by giving proper understanding to each and every person related to the project
  • It should be capable of making you able to make the best decisions for the future.
  • This document is consulted in every phase of the project life cycle so it should be updated regularly
  • The main focus of the project roadmap template should be the development of product
  • The roadmap template is able to handle the agile methodology projects as well

As the Project Roadmap Template Excel gives you a better understanding of every aspect so when all the team members and stakeholders get on the same page. It becomes easier to overcome the troubles and deliver the product within the time limit and budget as well. These are the keys that lead your project toward success.

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