Multiple Project Tracking Template

In project management, you sometimes need to handle multiple projects at a time. It is a challenging task to manage them in an appropriate way. If you are looking for an all-in-one multi-project management template, then you are on the right track. This platform will provide you with an effective and user-friendly template to manage your tasks.

Multiple project tracking is actually managing the parameters like time, resources, and multiple tasks for the execution of more than one project at a time is called multiple project tracking. This article will enable you to smartly and effectively manage your tasks.

Multiple project tracking templates will also tell the progress of all your projects and if you want to check your individual project progress, you can check that too easily.

This challenging task is completed by using a smart tool like a Multiple Project Tracking Template. Excel provides us with a variety of templates and tools in the field of project management. One of them is this template that makes the multiple projects to be managed in the best way possible.

Project Time Tracking Template Excel

If we talk about a company or its employees who are part of a project, it is very important to track the time of each employee, who is giving how much time to his project. Project time tracker helps you to simplify your work. In any company or organization, it helps you to calculate the employee’s time. It gives you an idea of how much time an employee is giving to their work.

Download: Multiple project time tracking template

How to Track Multiple Projects in Excel?

  • Excel provides the best ways to manage multiple projects with the help of its useful tools and templates.
  • You can download it from the internet and then open it and create a new project according to your requirements.
  • Project plans are then entered and assigned to the resources.
  • It is a very user-friendly template, and multiple tasks can be managed very easily and smoothly.
  • This template will not only track the progress and current status of all the projects but also track if all the projects are within budget or not.

Multiple Project Tracking Template

There are different types of multiple project tracking templates available like

  1. Gantt chart templates
  2. Multiple project status report templates
  3. Project Timeline Template Excel


It’s always been a challenging and time taking task to manage multiple tasks and projects at a time. Excel provides ease for entrepreneurs, businessmen, and managers to get their multiple tasks completes within time as well as track their progress status with the help of beneficial templates.

Some of the benefits are as follows

  • It provides an overall view of each and every project very clearly.
  • It helps you track the progress of each project in a very effective and efficient way.
  • Efficiency is one of the major benefits of multiple project tracking templates. As it provides you with an efficient way of managing multiple projects at a time.
  • It is the easiest, fastest, and most productive way of getting your multiple projects to get completely within the given timeline and your project will not face any kind of delays.
  • This is a very flexible template and provides you full authority to get your template customized and use it according to your own company’s goals and benefits. You can have full control over things and things can be changed and adjusted according to your need.
  • It will help you break down your task and prioritize the tasks according to their impact on the health of the project. Prioritization keeps you on right track and helps you manage multiple tasks and projects in the best way possible.
  • Managing and tracking multiple projects is not an easy task. It requires a lot of planning, prioritizing, organizing, and distribution of tasks among the team members. If a manager wants to get himself organized and wants his project to get organized it is only possible with the help of smart and efficient tools like the multiple projects tracking template.

Download: Best Template for project tracking template

Multiple Project Tracking Template

Strategies to Manage and Track the Multiple Projects

There are the following strategies that help you manage and track multiple projects in one tool or template.

Smart Initial Planning

There always should be a smart strategy or planning before starting anything. Successful planning before time ensures the success of your project. A manager should have a plan B if things go wrong so he can avoid any type of loss or mishap.

Use of Tool or Template

No matter how brilliant and talented you and your team are, you always need some kind of help with management tools. Excel is such a blessing in this case. It provides you with all the ease that your work gets completed within no time and with greater ease.

  1. Business Management tools

Prioritization of Tasks

It is very necessary to prioritize your tasks before starting anything, this will keep you on track and you will be able to focus on the thing that needs the most attention. This saves your time as well as manages your work in the most appropriate way.

Get Reviews on Regular Bases

It is very important to get reviews on your activities so that you may not get stuck with the original plan instead make changes and updates in your plan so that you can complete all your projects within time.


Effective and frequent communication among team members is the key to the success. It has a great impact on the health of the project. It keeps everyone attached to the project so that each person gives their best towards the project and ensures the success of the project.

Multiple Project Tracking Template

Types of Multiple Project Tracking Template

There are different types of multiple project management. Some of them are as follows

Multiple Project Status Tracking Report

This is the type of multiple project tracking template and it enables you to manage multiple statuses of the project in one go. This effective template is helpful for establishing multiple status reports of multiple projects very easily.

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Multiple Project Gantt Chart

Free Gantt charts for multiple projects have helped a lot in the field of project management. Data and projects manage and maintain with the help of this. It simply includes that you enter data and it generates a Gantt chart of it for you.

Gantt Chart Excel Template with Subtasks

So, we can say that multiple project tracking templates provide the manager with an interface that connects all the necessary information of all the projects.

It usually has a dashboard-type interface and gives summarize data. It displays each and every aspect of the project in a very clear way. So, using these multiple project tracking templates will surely lead your projects and company toward success.

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In conclusion, this Tracking Template stands as a comprehensive and indispensable tool for project managers and teams dealing with multiple projects concurrently. It offers a centralized platform to monitor and manage various aspects of each project, including tasks, timelines, resources, and progress. By providing a holistic view of all ongoing projects, it enables project managers to prioritize effectively, allocate resources efficiently, and ensure that projects are progressing according to plan.

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