Employee KPI Template Excel

Employee are the most important resource that a company may have. The success of the company greatly depends upon the performance of the employees. If the workers are committed to their company no one can stop the success of the company.

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For an effective performance you have to appoint right staff and appoint them on right place. The performance of the employees are evaluated on regular bases, which is done by employee KPI template.

What is KPI template for staff?

KPI template for staff is the standard value that indicates the planning phase. It allows you to focus on the most important issues. It gives an overview of all the performances of the business. KPI template for staff might be high level or low level depending upon the nature and complexity of the project.

Employee KPI Template Excel

A good KPI template for staff provides us with following information

  1. It make sure the progress of the company so that desired goals can be achieved
  2. KPI template for staff measure and evaluates the performances and help in better decision making
  3. It gives the comparison between the achieve goals and the expected one
  4. This employee KPI template is helpful in tracking the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of the business
  5. It gives you the opportunity to engage the employees in an effective way

Types Of KPI Template For Employee

Selection of the right type of the indicator is the crucial step. Because the right indicator can help you ease your work efficiently. For this purpose many type of KPI Template For Employee are as follows

Quantitative Indicator

Quantitative indicator measures specifically by number. It is of two types, continues and discrete. The discrete can include any number within a range while continues may include any incident or complaints. Quantitative indicator measures the amount of money.

Qualitative KPI Indicator

This is not measured by the number because it is the measure of the specifications or characteristics of the company or business. Its also includes the personal ideas, properties and trait. Also measures the quality of work being done in the company. Its make the proper survey of the employee and ensures the satisfaction of the employees. KPI indicator is most regular usable indicator in any company.

Lagging Indicator

This type of indicator indicates you that how much part of your project is done and how much goals and objective have been achieved.it gives the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the business decisions. It’s hard to make any changes in the lagging indicator but it’s the alarm to be careful with the remaining work.

Leading Indicator

It predicts about the future of the business that how the things will run in future and helps you to keep on track for the betterment of your future it is an excellent indicator that informs you how to make the future of the business bright what plan has to be made for the improvements in  your business.

Input Indicators

It is the measurable of the resources and includes all the initiative inputs of the process. It includes all the information about the staff, time, and budget of the project. Which are the important things in the making of any project or business the success of any business depends upon these factors which are effectively evaluate by these indicators

Output Indicator

It indicates the failure and success of any project. For example it includes the profit of the company. Most important Employee KPI Template Excel.

Directional Indicator

It indicates whether your business is going in the right direction towards success or towards the failure. It gives the comparison of your company with the competitors in the market and provides you the better chances to improve your business

Financial Indicator

It evaluates your business economically that where your business stand in the market what is its market value. It indicates the financial health of your business.is there any financial acquires of your business.

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HR KPI Template

This template indicates the outcomes of all the activities taking place in a department. The HR KPI template gives information about the improvements taking place in your company.

Kpi dashboard template is very important tool in HR and it measures if the execution made are going towards success, if the training plans adopted are healthy foe the department and if the working area has positive atmosphere or not. The importance of HR KPI template cannot be denied in the field of HR.

Employee KPI Template Excel

some of the benefits are given below

  • Engagements of employees are evaluated by using it. The frequent communication between the employees is very healthful for your company
  • HR kpi template monitors the overall activities of your employees including their working hours
  • It evaluates the total cost your project and employee training is taking
  • It measures the efforts of your employee in the favour of your company
  • This template indicates the need of hiring a new employee and give you the time limit for this purpose
  • It is helpful in assessing the talents and abilities of your employees
  • It gives the appropriate ratio of male to female employees in your company

HR KPI template allows to measure the performance of your team members and evaluate the goals of the company. This Employee KPI Template Excel gives the wide monitoring on different aspects of the company so considered very important

Resource Management KPI Template

What is resource management? Resource management is the way of planning and managing the resources in an effective way that goes in the benefit of your company. It includes the management of the equipment, time, budget even the hiring and firing of the employees for the betterment of your company.

For an effective company it is very important to have best resources. The most importantly they utilize in the best way to give best efficacy.

And the management of this utilization of the resources is possible by using the resource management template. In simple words we can say resource management is hiring the right person at right place and right time. It has following task to manage

Staffing System

Resource management template indicates you in the hour of need. When you require the staff to be hired.

It also indicated when the business is in loss you have to avoid the over staffing to save your company from further loss

Availability Of Equipment

Equipment are the very essential tool in any type of business for example in construction project there should be enough and good quality building material, the machinery and the talented and hard labors. And to manage all these things properly the resource management template is helpful.


It is very important to set a budget before starting any project. If you do this your business will not face any delay due to financial problems. Also you can save the money for the next project as well so the management of cost is very important

Additional Accessories

It may contain the management of site or any physical layout depending upon the type of project you are dealing with

In fact the resource management template has a lot of uses when it comes to project management and it will ensure the success of your project and improves the health of the company.


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