HR KPI Dashboard

Are you looking for HR KPI Dashboard in excel? This template allows to set some objectives and make aware of whether the actions are on track to fulfil them or not. The HR department work on different metrics that are kept in consideration to achieve the desire goals and objectives

The KPIs dashboard give an advantage to the HR department to gauge, evaluate or estimate the quality of work being done at the department. It measure the success of the recruitment processes, the usefulness pf the training programs.

The climate of the company’s work area whether it is positive or not. HR KPI dashboard gives the following advantages as well

  1. It display which goals are being met and which are eradicate due to other priorities
  2. Human resource KPI dashboard highlights the areas which neglect and having an impact on the company’s reputation
  3. This template can be customize according to the requirement of the customer
  4. KPIs also allows you to analyze the performance of HR department
  5. HR KPI dashboard template gives a clear comparison between the output obtained and the set goals

these are the advantages points which we have discussed above.

What is Human Resource (HR) KPI Dashboard?

HR KPI dashboard template is helpful in determining and evaluating the activities and measures taking place in HR department. The processes are evaluated in a better way and improvements are notified which is very beneficial to take your project or department on the way of success.

HR KPI Dashboard

All these metrics are displayed on the dashboard that gives a very clear over view and is very easy to understand. The human resource Key performance indicators (KPIs) dashboard allows you to analyze the actions. Also implementations to increase the value of your company in the market

The key performance indicators (KPI) dashboard template use must be accurate because entering a correct date will make sure the overall view of activities taking place in HR department.

How to Create HR KPI Dashboard Excel Template

For creating an effective HR KPI dashboard template some points must be prioritized which are as follows

  • The worldwide used main key human resource metrics
  • Charts showing activities within a department
  • A clear comparison between the present and past activities
  • Overall analysis and record of 30 days

Human Resource Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the elements of any organization plans which tells you that when you will achieve your goals. We will discuss this further in detail.

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Employee Turnover

It includes cost per hire the sum of all the fees and expenses until hiring divided by total number of hires. Turnover cost (it includes the cost to replace an employee who has left the company.

Also the expense for training him to the same productivity level). Turnover rate (number of separation in the given month divide3d by average number of employee). Time to fill (it is the time to fill the vacancies and train them).


It includes the vacant period (the number of days for which the positions were vacant). Evaluation of new hires (assess the new hires for their abilities). Turnover rate for the new hires and the impact of bad hires on the company.

Training and Development

It includes all the cost to train the new hires up to the same productivity level to which the previous employee were working so that the position of the company in the market is not effected.

Employee Retention

It includes the reasons why the employees left the company and find out ways to retain them.

HR KPI Dashboard template

HR Report KPI Template

HR report template is very important in HR management. This report measures the progress of the department and is helpful in taking serious decisions related to the maintenance of the position of the company. The HR report template is submit monthly and annually depending upon the nature of the project. and If you want to read related article HR Strategy Template

Monthly HR Report Template

It gives you the chance to make a relation between the business and the new talents by considering the achievements of current employee attached with the business.

Annual HR Report Template

It allows the companies to measure the overall activities of the human resource department that has a great impact on your company over the course of year.

Employee Performance Evaluation (KPI)

Employee performance evaluation includes all the metrics to evaluate the performance of the employee and following steps should be prioritized for this purpose

  1. Set some standards to evaluate the performance of employee
  2. Goals must be set which are specific for each employee
  3. Measure the performance throughout the year
  4. Be prepare for any meeting coming ahead
  5. Don’t compare the abilities of the employee
  6. Main focus should be the employee performance not the personality or character
  7. After evaluation feedback must be given to encourage the employee

Employee performance evaluation is very important in any organization. Because with this you can evaluate the performance of an employee.

HR Documentation KPI Template

HR document template are helpful in making many important documents related to HR department. This may include the letter that are customize by the name, date and signature. This may include the verification letters, non dis-close agreements, and appointment letters. There are different types of documents based on type of document required which are as follows

Document template (HTML)

This type of document is create within the HR application and information is put in the table. The presentation of the document depends upon you how you define the headers, footer and images etc.

PDF Document Template

This template is derived from the managed document and is customized according to the requirement of customer

Employee Handbook KPI Template

An employee handbook template is an important document that contains all the information about company’s aims, rules and objectives.

Employee Handbook Template

It makes the employee aware of their limits within the organization and also make them clear the rules and regulations of the company.

Employee handbook KPI template actually elaborates the policies of the company. it also tells what should be the main focus of the employee for the betterment of the business.

Employee handbook KPI template clarify the employee which behavior is acceptable by the company and which is not. This helps in maintaining a positive working area as well as aids in avoiding unnecessary disputes among the employee.

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