Proper planning in the projects of human resources is very important for the success of the project. The human resource plan template is the way that helps in managing all the responsibilities of projects and to achieve the desired goals. If you want to read more regarding the HR management plan template.

Human resource plan template defined roles and responsibilities of employees, organizational charts.

They make the policies. How resource is utilized and authorized training equipment.

Human Resources Management Plan Template

Now we will discuss this in detail. Here are some HR plan points are given below. We will also discuss them in detail.

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HR Plan Template Defines the Following

  1. Roles and responsibilities of the employee
  2. Organizational charts
  3. How the resources will be utilized
  4. The time limit for the training of employees
  5. How the activities of employees are assessed
  6. Maintaining the reward system
  7. Know we will discuss the roles and responsibilities

Roles And Responsibilities

Team members and managers must clearly know their responsibilities to achieve specific goals.

The task is distributed under the supervision of different managers and staff members are arranged according to the commands of the manager.

For a successful project, the software must upgrade on a regular basis.

The responsibilities are distributed as followers

Project Manager

He is the authorized person with big responsibilities. He approves all the working activities of the project and sets the criteria for different posts. This post has a big role in any organization, most of the projects depend on him.

He will evaluate the works of team members and adjust them accordingly.

Download: Project Management Plan Template

Designer or Engineer

Its main work is designing, coding, and testing the plans. It will report to the project manager how the project is going.

Guidance Lead

This person report to the project manager about the training of staff.

Additional Manager

This additional manager works in collaboration with main manager to distribute the work load so that the work complete with a set time limit.

Categories of HR Management Plan Template

Following are some main HR categories or template samples, Templates are available in Doc, PDF format for download.

HR Strategy Template

In this category of template, define the key goal and objective of the HR plan in a particular year or current year. Recruitment to an employee training schedule and financial analysis you can discuss in this category.

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HR Roadmap Template

This is an HR scheduling template, define where to start and where to end? The key element and complete work breakdown structure methodology discuss.

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Goals of Human Resource Plan Template

The goals and objectives of the HR plan template are divided into the following categories

  • This template choose the best talent for the company
  • It also makes sure that there is no shortage of manpower and equipment for the company
  • It maintains the balance between labor demand and supply

Now we will discuss the major steps in HR Planning

Major Steps in HR Planning

Steps Includes

  • Determine the organization plans the goals
  • Specify the human resource planning objectives
  • Keep in check the HR requirements
  • Keep the balance in the supply of human resources
  • Fulfill the supply according to the demand

These were the steps of the Human Resource plan template

Employee Performance Review Template

Employee performance review template used for the assessment of working activities of employees of any organization. This will be done by the manager

Managers check out the members of the company for their weaknesses and strengths.

The frequency and depth of the assessment depend upon how vast the goals are and evaluated.

How Do you Write a Performance Review Plan?

  • Assess the success rate
  • Analyze the outcomes
  • Make the list of actions you want to repeat
  • Make the list of opportunities
  • Ask and listen to the employees
  • Want your feedback

Basically, the employee performance review template is used to check the performance of employees. How the performance of employees is going.

Employee Performance Report

Each company wants a report from its employee about the given targets and tasks.


Employee performance report contains the following information.

This will be considered an accurate performance report

  • The audience must be kept in mind
  • Talk related to the subject
  • Mention all the achievements
  • Use formal and confident language
  • Mention the document goals

In the employee performance report we have discussed the related performance of the employee, what the employees have done, have they done their task which was given by the manager.

Download: Employee KPI Template Excel

Performance Review Template

In performance review template it contains the basic information related to employee

  • Name
  • Tittle
  • Employee ID
  • Date
  • Reviewer Name
  • Reviewer tittle
  • Department
  • Last review date

Employee Workload Template

This is a very important template which deals with the record of activities of workers.

Employee workload template makes sure that the work is evenly distributed among all the employees, this may involve:

  • Efficient skills
  • Do not overload any team member
  • Give to every member a task according to its ability
  • It is used to assess hour heavy workload is assigned to every person of the company
  • The workload is assigned according to the talents and abilities of the workers
  • An authorized person has more responsibilities as to any uneducated worker in the factory

Know we will discuss the steps included in making the employee workload template

Steps in Making Employee Workload Template

It includes

  • Make a project management template
  • Create an excel spreadsheet for a project
  • Make an assignee row
  • Make a project title row
  • Create project effort row
  • Make a project status row

These are the steps for making the template

HR Recruitment Tracker Template

As we know that people are the main power of any company. The success of any company depends upon the hard works of its people and employee.

It is first priority of any company to keep them stable and happy or you can say satisfy them.

A recruitment tracker template use to help the human resource department of any business. Creating a recruitment process easier while keeping on records and assessing the important data of the company.

Recruitment Plan Template Excel

The recruitment tracker template is divided into four main sections

  • Dashboard
  • Candidates
  • Vacancies
  • Settings


further, We will discuss them in detail


It gives all the information about what is the situation with recruitment in the company.

  • See the candidates from day one
  • The cost of hiring
  • The main job objectives
  • Percentage of work distributed
  • Monthly or annual distribution of job applications

HR KPI Dashboard Excel Template


This section tells about the member of free vacancies in any company. It gives all the information about hiring date, vacancies status, etc.


After giving the vacancies, job applications are added to the candidate tracker page.

You can select a post from here and enter all the details according to the post given.


This is the final step where you can edit some information like

  • Change of department
  • Change of application source
  • Hiring states
  • Vacancies details etc.

Employee Attendance Sheet Template

If you want to keep a record of your employees and their working hours. Checking out either they pay correctly you will need an employee attendance sheet template.

It will save you time and money.

An employee attendance sheet template is a document that keeps a record of the presence, absence, sick leave, and other attendance data employees

The attendance tracker template includes the following information

  • Name
  • Personal information of an employee
  • Absence of presence of an employee
  • The time they checked in and checked out
  • Reasons for leave and absence

How can the employee attendance sheet template work?

It gives all the statuses of employees who are absent or present, who are on time or late.

  1. Reasons for their absence and for being late
  2. If you are paying your workers according to hours the employee tracker helps you to calculate the time of your employees very easily
  3. Helps to identify the leaves of workers, also if they are working overtime

The attendance tracker template gives you a better tracking of activities of your employees. Important template in the category of Human Resource plan template.

Questions and Answers

Can I Download these Human Resource plan template in DOC format?

Yes, you can generate HR report in DOC and PDF format, although the template is in XLS format. Mac compatible less than 1 MB to upload that template.

How can I download Employee attendance with HR Plan?

This is all in one template, However you just need to purchase this one and you will get it all.

Can I download the HR plan template with the Recruitment tracker template?

Yes you can download both of these templates through the purchase of one.

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