Recruitment Plan Template

Recruitment plan is define as the preplan strategy for the hiring of employee in a company. It gives a time limit for the hiring of appropriate staff members. It actually defines the goals and objectives of specific post or position.

Employee are the backbone of any organization. The success of the organization depends upon, how able your staff is so, for the purpose of having an expert staff members, the recruitment plan is require.

Excel provides us with variety of template that are really helpful in managing our project in a very effective way. Similarly, excel provides a very beneficial template known as recruitment plan template excel that makes the task of hiring a cream for your organization very easy.

Recruitment Plan Template


This plan Template is essential for making the hiring process smoother. This plan has many benefits some of which are given below

  • It provides a proactive human resource technique for the identification of candidates suitable for the posts available.
  • As it includes a cream of applicants, so an accurate screening of employee is achieve.
  • It provides the best ways for finding the qualified staff as well as it gets the help of newspapers, websites and broadcast media for the advertisement purpose
  • It gives the precision in selection of best persons for the roles.
  • When the right personality type people are hire by an organization, it end up in happy worker. So the lower turnover rate leads your organization towards profit.

With an effective plan you can hire skillful and qualified persons for your company to make it successful.

What is An Effective Recruitment Plan Template?

The process of recruitment is a time taking and challenging task for any organization. But, the recruitment plan template excel has made this task much easier. Following point must be kept in consideration for making your recruitment template more effective,

Vacancy Need To Be Filled

You have to know if there is any vacancy in your company need to be fill as well as the qualification of the person that has resigned from the company./ you have to hire the person with the same capability so that your company may not face any downfall.

Planning To Fill the Vacancy

You should have some planning for the hiring of person to fill the specific vacancy. An effective recruitment plan provides you with this opportunity.

Target Candidates

By knowing the desire expertise which are require for the post, you can target a candidates very easily for selection

Approaches For Target Candidate

A desired candidate can be approach by connecting with the help of newspapers, websites and broadcast media. These means will help you find the qualified person for the present vacancy.

These points which we have discussed in detail were the elements of recruitment plan.

From this article you can also download the recruitment tracker template with training plus HR KPI so you can evaluate the employee performance, and the detail related KPI.

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Recruitment Plan Template

Here is the sample of recruitment tracker template

Elements of Recruitment Plan Template

Talent selection is the top most priority for any company so it spends a lot on hiring this talent for the company on the long term bases. So how can we make our recruitment plan more effective and productive? There are following elements of a recruitment plan that must be consider

Work Place Planning

It includes how many employee you need to hire for your company. The hiring is mostly done on annual bases in order to make advancements in your business.

Stratified Recruiters

The company should make a team consist of experience and expert recruiters so that the best decision are made during recruitment. Eventually your company may have talented staff to carry on your business. So if we make an experienced or expert team so, they can hire a talented staff.

Reference Analysis

During the recruitment process as you are excited about hiring talented staff for your organization it is important to check their references as well. So that, you many avoid any fraud or loss. The employee hired should be honest and promising towards your company, for this purpose reference checking is necessary

Branding of employee

An effective way to attract the qualified employee is to market with strong employee brand which gives the benefits and facilities from the organization to its employee.

Consideration of experience of employee

An experienced employee can benefit your company beyond your expectations, so the experience of the employee should be the priority during this plan. If you want to read more related Article: Employee KPI Template

For information related recruitment plan template excel, you can ask us or download template. If you require related HR management templates, feel free to contact us.


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