Asset Inventory Template

This article will help you better understand the term “asset inventory” and provide you ways to manage these assets. Management of asset inventory is not an easy task for accounting department of an organization, it always need some sort of help. Asset inventory management is necessary as it ensures that the organization has better understanding of assets.

It is owning as well as are the assets being used effectively for the welfare of the organization. In order to manage all this load excel provides an excellent template known as the asset inventory template can makes your work easier than before.

Asset Inventory Template

Asset inventory template can be very beneficial in the assert inventory management. Moreover, it can be download from the internet. It also has options so that you can add your own details on the rows and columns according to your requirement. An effective this template gives you the following advantages.

  • It helps in the better tracking and reporting of your assets.
  • This template helps you increase the productivity as well as it provides ways to reduce the labor requirement.
  • This is beneficial for tracking the assets throughout the lifecycle of the business.
  • It tracks for all the changes that your business asset inventory may need to your business towards progress.
  • It also informs you if any monitoring, reviewing and the updating is require in a business.

This template make work easy and easy to customize.

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What Is An Asset Inventory List?

An Asset inventory is the process of display of the list of assets that an organization owns. It may include different types of assets ranging from the tangible assets (property) to intangible assets (intellectual property).An organization monitor its assets in asset inventory management.

So that the issues related to inventory can be detected that are the location, maintenance and the description. You can download asset inventory template and edit it as per your requirements.

Therefore, this template provide better ways to manage your asset inventory. This template can be customize.


Contents of Asset Inventory Template

Asset inventory template has a contents in the form of column in which the date is insert in order to avail the template for better asset inventory management. The contents are as follows

  • Asset name
  • Asset class
  • Description
  • Previous depreciation
  • First year percentage
  • Depreciation of this period

IT Asset Inventory Template

To understand the template it is necessary to have some knowledge about the IT asset inventory. This template is defined as any data, document or file that supports the IT related inventory management. IT asset is therefore any IT related organization that provides the details of assets it owns.

It may also include the tangible assets as well as intangible assets. The maintenance and management of asset inventory is a challenging task for any company therefore, an IT  template is provided by excel to make the work easier and manageable in the best way possible.

Advantages of IT Asset Inventory Template

  • First of all, If you have a manageable manual IT asset inventory then it is time to place all your assets receipts and warranties in one place by using this template. It will make your work more manageable.
  • This template gives an opportunity of automatically manage the schedules, performs the updates as well as analyze the IT assets.
  • The data is this much secured in this template that the theft of sensitive data can be avoided.
  • As compared to manual system, this template specifies the discrepancies much faster and effectively.
  • It provides the record of all the assets for inspection purposes.
  • This also helps to identify the potential risks and provide ways to solve them.

This template can be downloaded from internet and can be customized as it is user friendly. The templates are available in very fascinating displays which make your work more interesting and more representable.

Equipment Tracking Spreadsheet

Equipment or asset tracking is the process by which companies keep track of their assets that are tangible. Companies use the tags or barcodes in order to track them. It includes the documentation of all the assets that a company owns.

While managing a business there are always a lot of issues to tackle with, similarly, the equipment tracking spreadsheet is one of the challenging task that you have to manage with great attention.

Equipment Tracking Spreadsheet

Therefore, for this purpose excel provides an effective spreadsheet where a company can manage all its task in an appropriate way. This template provide a centralized platform to keep all the information related to location, contact information and maintenance etc.

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Benefits of Equipment Tracking Spreadsheet

Company’s profit and growth greatly depend on the equipment tracking. There are many advantages of equipment tracking some of which are given below

  • Lower labor cost: it eradicates the cost of employee as no manual work is required. Risk of any humanly error is also reduce.
  • Improved services: an effective equipment tracking ensures the availability of all the services in an improved form. This has a positive impact on the customer. Customer satisfaction leads your company towards success.
  • Future growth of company: asset tracking provides you ways to make smart business decisions. This planning is helpful in the growth of your business in the future.
  • Improved efficacy: it highlights the performance of all the assets in an effective way. This will give you chance to make improvements in the assets of your company.

Accuracy of record: asset tracking gives you an accurate way of handling your assets without any error which can happen in manual operations.

Manageable Equipment

Equipment tracking allows to have all the information about the cost, maintenance and description off all the assets such as

  • Computers
  • Appliances
  • HJVAC equipment
  • Office furniture
  • IT equipment
  • Printers and copiers
  • Lighting and carpet

In addition, Asset tracking gives you the overall view of all this equipment in the light of which a company can make smarter decisions for the healthful future of their company.


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