Project Life-Cycle Template

If we talk about the project life cycle, It has phases in which the manager and his whole team can achieve their goals that the project sets by itself.

The phases of project life cycle describes the project goes through where the progresses start to finish.

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In this article, we will discuss about how to create project plan through project life-cycle process. Start with project initiation plan and end till closure stage.

Project Life-Cycle Template

Key Features of Project Life-Cycle Template

Basically it is very important for any manager who is going to start his project because these steps will help project manager for his project.

Why is it important?

Every project has a starting, a valuable length, a crowning glory and a final segment either it will be achieved or fail. All these stages we will analyze in this we can say it to project life Cycle.

Know we will discuss these five phases in detail

Phases of Project Life Cycle Template

There are five phases of project life cycle, which are:

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Tracking
  • Closure

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Initiation Phase Template

in this phase of project life cycle is sort out what is the reason for the existence of this project. Project manager analyses the project goals, select experts and tell them about goals, motivations and deadlines of the project.

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The aim of this phase is to meet the goals and priorities of the clients to make this project successful.


Planning Phase Template:

In the planning phase of project life cycle first of all you have to make a strategy for the project. Keep in mind the objectives, priorities and the goals of the project.

Project planning also highlights all the activities and tasks which we have to perform to make our projects successful within given time. Cost analysis must be done to ensure that everything is within your budget.

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Draw out the map of schedule to make your work convenient. Create a risk management plan to avoid any problem that will come in the progress of your project.

If we summaries the planning the key points will be as follows:

  • Identify the goals and responsibilities
  • Expectations from the project.
  • Draw out a schedule maps and charts
  • Makeup communication plans
  • Create risk management plan

 Execution Phase Template:

This is the action phase where you bring all the activities and tasks into actions that you have planned in a planning phase meetings are arranged and total monitoring is done to check out if your project is running or going smoothly. It is the major or crucial phase of the project management.

In this phase the main responsibilities for the project manager are as follows.

  • Constant monitoring of project
  • Look for updates and adjustments
  • Stay in contact with the team and a stake holder

This is the phase where you have to spend most of the budget. A great hard work from the experts is required. A project manager may also have to buy some services to achieve the goals.

Project Tracking Template:

In this phase the project manager is on duty all the time. The project manager has to make assessments regarding the success and quality of the project according to the following factors

  • Are the expected goals being achieved?
  • Is the project is still within budget?
  • Are we going out of scope or limits?

This phase actually runs with execution side by side and considered as important as the execution itself.

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Closure Phase Template:

This is the final stage of the project management in which the final outcomes are handed over to the stack holder. The steps involved are according to the kind of project. If it is an IT project, the steps involve the installation of the application on the customer side and to give the guidance about the application.

If it is a construction project the customer will check out the structure built and then will the approval of that construction project.

The closing phase emphasis on

  1. Assessment of final results.
  2. Give out deliverables.
  3. Identify the success of project
  4. Evaluate the members of the project and tell them if they need any improvement.
  5. Checkout the budget if any left for the next project.
  6. Terminate the contractor of the project.

From all these mentioned things the project manager may get some experience in order to carry out a next project successfully.



Following are some standard questions & answers relates to project life cycle template.

How can I Download Project Life-cycle template?

I’ve insert related source where you can download complete bundle of project life-cycle template

Compatible with Mac or Which version?

Yes, these templates compatible with MAC version

What is advance portfolio Dashboard with Life-cycle template?

You can download advance portfolio template with theses bundle of template for Free.

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