In this article we will discuss about Stakeholder Register layout plan, template excel. Also other analysis template. First We will discuss about stakeholders, who are they and what are their role. Stakeholders have very important role in any project.

Stakeholders are mainly categorize as internal stakeholders (shareholder, owner, and employee) and external stakeholder (customer, supplier, and vendor). A sound stakeholder can benefit you in many ways, it increases the sale of your product as well as its market value.

Communication with the sound stakeholder will help you make better decisions for the future of your organization. in addition, More than one stakeholder may be included in a project. Each stakeholder has its own interests and expectations from the project. These templates must include in project life cycle.

Stakeholder Register Template

The satisfaction of stakeholder matters. For a Project manager it’s like a achievement for him if he meets the expectations of stakeholder.

  1. Any individual, group or organization.
  2. Related directly or indirectly to project
  3. Have some expectation from project.
  4. Project success depends upon the happiness of a stakeholder.
  5. To identify a stakeholder, stakeholder register is required.
  6. PMP Templates According to PMBOK PLAN.
  7. Sponsors, leaders and subject matter experts are examples of stakeholders.

In order to satisfy a stakeholder a project manager has to meet these expectations. The success of a project depends on the satisfaction of the stakeholder to identify the stakeholder.

What is Stakeholder? (Register Template Key Features)

A stakeholder is any individual, group or organization who is directly or indirectly related to project. A person having an interest in the company or organization is known as stakeholder. The success of a company and the outcome of the project greatly lies on the stakeholder.

They will define the bright future of your organization. A stakeholder can be an employee, client, customer, investor or supplier. The outcomes of any project greatly effects the stakeholders.

We can say this if your stakeholder is not happy with the project. Then it means the project is not successful.

Types of Stakeholders Template:

There are three main types of stakeholders and we will discuss them in detail.

  • Primary Stakeholders Template:

These are the people who are directly effect by the outcomes of project, so Template set accordingly.

  • Secondary Stakeholders Template:

These are the people who are not directly effected by outcomes of the project.

  • Tertiary Stakeholders Template:

These are the people that get the least impact of any project action.

Elements of Stakeholder Register Template:

It includes the following, like

  1. IT software project stakeholder analysis.
  2. Construction project stakeholder map.
  3. Stakeholder management plan.
  4. Stakeholder engagement plan.
  5. Communication plan.
  6. Text editor to copy or paste your assignment for project.

How to Create a Stakeholder Register for PMP?

First of all you have to know what is stakeholder register. This is the document used by project manager that contains the requirements, identification. Also expectations of stakeholders from the project.

The elements of documents are distributed among all the stakeholders. Its need to be updated throughout the project lifecycle.

There are some Information regarding this

  1. Name
  2. Title
  3. Roles
  4. Interest
  5. power
  6. requirements
  7. concerns


Contents of Stakeholder Register:

Information present in stakeholder register is divided into three parts.

Stakeholder Identification:

it includes

  • Name
  • Title
  • Contact information
  • Roles and responsibilities

Stakeholder Assessment:

It includes

  • Their requirements
  • Their needs
  • Frequency of communication
  • Their influence on project

Stakeholder Classification:

Here you classify them on the bases of

  • Influence
  • Expectations
  • Power

Once the stakeholder sign the project charter a stakeholder register is created. It is because its make easy to identify the stakeholder with the help of stakeholder register template Excel. Moreover this eases the project management.

Stakeholder register needs updates however, it should be keep in confidential as it contains sensitive information.

Samples for stakeholder Register template:

If we talk about the samples, These are the some samples

  • Stakeholder register sample
  • Basic template for PMP
  • Stakeholder engagement register sample
  • Stakeholder register form
  • Standard stakeholder template
  • Privacy notice stakeholder register
  • Stakeholder register format in DOC
  • Simple stakeholder register sample

Stakeholder Template in for PMP:

It includes

  • Organizing the data of stakeholders.
  • Ensures there will be no negative effect on project.
  • Make out stakeholder management plan.

Stakeholder Management Plan:

Before creating management plan for stakeholder. You should keep some essential information according to stakeholder mapping & roadmap plan.

  1. The interest and effect of stakeholder on project
  2. Necessary tools to maintain stakeholder data
  3. Make sure the project is running successfully
  4. It monitors the stakeholder at each phase

Article: Project Management Plan Template

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Questions & Answers

Should We Keep the Stakeholder Register Confidential?

Yes, it should be kept confidential as it contains sensitive information.

What Should Be the Format for the Stakeholder Register Template?

Its already mentioned above.

Is the Stakeholder Register Requires Any Update?

Yes, the update is needed at each stage.

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