Shipment Tracking Template

Shipment tracking In the process of tracking the deliverable while they are in the transport process. It not only includes the tracking of product in the system as well as the physical tracking of the product. It allows you to serve the customer in an effective way.

When we talk about the shipment, it means it includes the information about all the pieces of the shipment. It includes information about the name, form ID, navigation and usage of the shipment tracking or shipment pieces to manage all this work excel provides a Shipment Tracking Excel Template.

Shipment Tracking Template

The benefits of shipment tracking template excel are as follows

  1. It allows you have an overview of status and routing information of the shipment
  2. Shipment tracking template excel helps in the trust building with the customers
  3. This Template shows the authentication of the shipment company
  4. Its helps you in editing the shipment status code

You can also tracking any project through this template, goods supplies and delivery chain and also use in supply chain inventory management.

Inventory Tracking Template Excel

Inventory tracking template excel gives you all the information about the products that are in stock, the products need to order as well as the quality and quantity of the product. Excel is an inexpensive means of keeping track of inventories.

Inventory tracking template provides a wide variety of categories to enter the data according to the requirement. A person may use the spreadsheet to track all the information about inventory. It may include description of product, location of delivery, quantity in stock, in addition, it also include the information about the manufacture date, expiry date etc. Inventory tracking template excel is very helpful.

Inventory Tracking TemplateMoreover, you can add formulas in the spreadsheet for the effective management of an inventory. The calculations include the

  • Quantity of the product in stock.
  • Purchase cost of product
  • Inventory status
  • Reorder quantity

These were the formulas.


Vendors and Supplier Template

Vendors or suppliers refers to the individuals that provides products to the other companies and organizations according to their requirements. Moreover, large organization have contract with the vendors and supplier to deliver them the required product.

The vendors may document the scope of activities being done, detailed information about the product provided, payments and information about other legal requirements.

To make all this work easy excel provides supplier or vendor template. One can customize the template according to its requirement. The elements of template are

  • Overview of company and vendors needed.
  • Types of vendors needed.
  • Service requirements.
  • Quality/review requirement.
  • Non-disclosure
  • Time frame
  • Pricing
  • How to submit.

Order and Delivery Tracking Spreadsheet

Order and delivery tracking is the process of keeping record of updated information about the position of delivery, its delivery date as well as the information about the sender and the receiver.

However, it is a difficult task to track the position of product that is on its way to its destination but excel provides this beneficial template for this purpose the other benefits of this template are given below;

  • It allows to keep an accurate information about order and delivery.
  • This also gives the overall view of consumption of the product
  • Make it easy to meet the needs of customer

Order and Delivery Tracking

This template is of great importance in the management of a shipment including the order and delivery issues.

Examples of Shipment Tracking Excel

It updates regarding the status of the order for both persons. Sender and receiver both can check the status. Shipment Tracking Excel Template also gives you information in case of misplaced or damaged. Shipment tracking excel includes the following types of template

  1. Shipping invoice template
  2. Packing slip template
  3. Purchase order template
  4. Commercial invoice template
  5. Delivery receipt template
  6. Shipping policy template
  7. The shipping log template

You can access this premium template through PMITOOLS.NET


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