Project Management Plan Template

Looking for a project management plan template? PMP template offers guidelines and information to the professional experts to achieve their goals and carry out their plans. PMITOOLS offers different project management plans in excel according to PMBOK and project management.

these templates are the part of project life cycle template.

The purpose of such a document is to give an explanatory guideline about the goals of the project. The way they can be achieved, the experts involved, how it can be assessed, and information is transferred from one place to another.

Following are the main features includes in the project management plan template PMP.

It includes:

  1. Goals and aims of the project
  2. Way of accomplishment
  3. The experts involved
  4. Assessment of project
  5. Ways of communication
  6. It serves as a reference or model

The document contains RULES AND REGULATIONS for the project accomplishment and serves as a reference throughout the project and ensures that everything is within limits.

Project Management Plan Template

How To Create A Project Management Plan Template (PMP)?

A project plan is a document containing key elements they need to accomplish their goals it keeps them on track.

It includes the following information:

  • Schedule, scope, and deliverables
  • Goals and objectives
  • Success plans
  • Stakeholders and their roles
  • Budget
  • Deliverables
  • Communication

We will discuss all these above steps or points in detail.

Step 1: Identify The Objectives

Every project management plan (PMP) should have some clear resells.

IT is important to not only identify the goals but also focus on how to achieve these goals.

There is a big difference between goals and objectives. Your goals should be so higher than your objectives. Identification of goals gives directions to your team who want to hit their goals. Check out your plan in order to make sure that your work is going in favor of your main objectives.

Step 2: Set Success Goals

Set some smart goals to hit your objectives or achievements. It is a very important step in any project management plan template because it gives you some challenges to chase and make your plan successful.

Step 3: Clarify Stakeholders and Plan

You have to identify each stakeholder about their goals and responsibilities because once the load is distributed among all the members the work would be easy and goals will be easy to achieve. if u want to know in detail regarding the stakeholder register template.

For example:

  • You, the content head will make out a calendar
  • And the writer will provide key points and a copy of each document.
  • Editors will edit the contents
  • And producer will Publish the contents

Step 4: Make a Budget

Goals are identified, the stakeholders are given their responsibilities. Now you have to step a budget. It is a very necessary step to make sure that your project is completing and you are achieving the goals while keeping everything within budget.

Step 5:  Specify The Timeline And Schedule

High-level responsibilities are done, now you have to focus on assigning some start date and end date to every task and subtask so that our plan is accomplished within the stated timeline. It put some good impression on your reputation in the market.

Step 6: Communication Plan

As the project management plan template includes many members and stakeholders making a communication plan is necessary so that every member can understand what is happening.

project management plan template

that is a construction project management plan template sample

Types of Project Management Plan Template

It consists of two following types

  • Construction management plan template
  • IT project management plan template

Now we will discuss these types in detail

Construction Management Plan Template

A construction management plan is a vast document containing all the information of the construction project and how the contractor and the Stakeholders who approved these construction plans can achieve the desired goals.

IT Project Management Plan Template

This type of project management plan uses to accomplish the plans in the IT field.

In the IT field, experts use an IT project management plan

Categories Of Project Management Plan Template (PMP)

If we discuss categories of Project Management Plan template, it has following categories

Now we will discuss these categories in detail.

Risk Management Plan Template

In a Risk Management Plan Template, you must be followed to save your business from any risk and to prevent any kind of hindrance that comes in the way of achieving goals.

project management plan template

Basically, the risk management plan is a document that project managers used to determine the risks regarding the project.

Change Management Plan Template

The type of change management plan template uses to make some changes or editing in your documents. In simple words, you can also change or edit your plans in your documentation.

It illustrates the causes for change, identifies the objectives, specifies the stakeholders and changes management team, mentions all the benefits, the budget define clearly, and makes a change management plan.

Communication Plan Template

In a communication plan template, it is used to make out some communication plans for the stakeholder taking part in the project so that each and every person can understand what’s happening

Project Character Plan Template

The project character plan template has the following types

  • CDC project character template
  • NYU project character template
  • General-purpose project character template
  • Agency project character template

That mentioned points are the types of project character plan templates.

Download: Project Charter Template Excel

Project Status Report Template

This template provides the status report very clearly

Download: Project Weekly Status Report Template

Different Project Management Methodology

It has the following types

  • Water Fall Project Management

  • It is the oldest method
  • Still in use
  • Working is done
  • Agile Project Management

  • It is the faster and advanced or latest model of waterfall project management
  • Work is done in smaller chunks

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  • Scrum Project Management

  • It is faster
  • It has a small scope
  • Based on one monthly timetable
  • Kanban Project Management

  • It is not time-based
  • Focus on a number of tasks that are in the process
  • How tasks are running and what types of output obtain
  • Lean Project Management

  • This is similar to Kanban
  • It is in favor of customers
  • It keeps in check how to deliver in the best most affordable way to customers
  • Prince 2 Project Management

  • Often used by the government sector
  • Check out efficiency
  • Minimize the risks and chances of loss
  • Six-Sigma Project Management

  • Focuses on improving quality of results
  • Creator better end results for customers
  • Very effective and reliable

These are the types of different project management methodologies which we have discussed in detail with points.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Q1: How we can define a project management plan template?

It’s already mentioned in above

Q2: In which format these templates are compatible?

Excel, PPT, and DOC format require to open these documents.

Q3: In which department this project management plan is suitable?

HR Department, procurement and finance

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