This article helps you understand the Gantt chart template in the best way. Gantt chart provides a graphical representation of the project. The graph is plotted in the form of a bar chart. It is helpful as it gives an effective schedule for your project. It also enables managers to manage their work efficiently without any trouble.

This template is mainly used for complex projects by converting the timeline and tasks in the horizontal bar chart, indicating how much task has been completed, it helps the manager in keeping the tasks on track so that the work may finish in time. Here are some steps that describe the Gantt chart excel template with subtasks with the best way

  1. Multiple Project Portfolio Dashboard Excel Template
  2. Create a spreadsheet including the headings such as the title of the task, starting and end dates, and current status of each task
  3. The date range selects from the column and insert the select data in the bar chart
  4. A bar chart can be added for the duration of tasks as well
  5. Now if you have divided your work into subtasks, make a column under the task title for adding the information about the subtasks with their milestone and title.
  6. Now convert the bar chart into a Gantt chart
  7. As soon as you entered the data, you can make your chart more presentable and clear
  8. Monitor the chart on a regular basis so that you can monitor the progress

Gant Chart Excel Template with Subtasks

Gantt Chart Excel Template

Gantt chart Excel is the best management tool provided by excel that highlights the project plan very effectively. It has two sectors mainly. On the left side are the task lists while there is a timeline on the right side that includes the schedule bar to have an overall view of the work.

The further content that includes in the Gantt chart is the milestone, starting and end date, and dependencies between the tasks. Gantt chart stands for generalized activity normalization activity. It will help in the better assistance related to project planning and scheduling of the project. If we summarize we can say

  • Gives the visual display of the whole project
  • Displays the timeline and the deadlines properly
  • Discuss the dependencies of the task in the best way possible
  • Describes each and every phase of the task clearly and openly
  • There is a timeline that is in charge of showing the timeline.

Benefits of Gantt Chart Template

Gantt chart is used in the following ways

  • It involves the establishment of the schedule, who is going to do what and in what way
  • Allocation of resources such that everyone can indicate who is responsible for which task
  • Changes and adjustment, whenever any adjustment require in the project
  • It involves the monitoring and reporting of the progress on a regular basis so that you can stay on the track
  • It highlights the milestone that will you identify the key events of the project

There should always be a contingency plan for encountering the unexpected risks that a company can face during the project life cycle

How To Create A Gantt Chart In Excel

You can have better command over your project by using this beneficial management tool

  1. In the initial steps, make a table for the project. Then the data enters into it according to the requirements of the project. Add some additional columns for the start and end date of the project
  2. The date must enter in another column
  3. Add the timelines for your task in which you have to accomplish your tasks
  4. In addition, there is a description of your tasks on the right side of the Gantt chart
  5. Specify the tasks along with their milestones in the Gantt chart
  6. Lastly, the data convert into a chart bar. This will help you better understand all the activities of your project

Top Features of Gantt chart

Gantt chart provides us with features that are very beneficial in the field of project management. Some of the features are as follows


One can customize the template according to their requirements.

Easy To Update

One can easily update the data if any updating is required.

Leverage of Split View

It gives a very clear and advanced visualization of the activities throughout your project life cycle

Visual Report

It provides the Gantt report on daily weekly and monthly bases

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Color Options

It shows the complete and incomplete work with appropriate colors

Gantt Chart Excel Template

WBS Gantt chart With Subtasks

By using this you can add multiple subtasks according to the requirements of your project. Whenever you are handling a complex business it might possible that you miss some important steps. But the WBS Gantt helps you to focus on each and every aspect of your project so that your project may not face any downfall.

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Agile Gantt chart Template

This type of Gantt chart is used in the agile environment where the task is done in the sprints. It helps in classifying the tasks into small tasks. This makes the work much easy to manage and monitor. The agile Gantt chart is very helpful in many ways. In this, we can also track the changes taking place in the project life cycle.

It includes the collection of many different projects. Changes can be made in the project with the help of the agile Gantt chart as it is a very flexible and user-friendly tool. Changes can be possible even if the initial stages of the project have been established. Agile Gantt chart broke the work in the following ways

  • Makeup strategy meetings and create your vision accordingly
  • Construction of your product roadmaps
  • Must have some release plan accordingly
  • Now it’s time to make up your sprints.

Gantt chart template helps you plan execute and synchronize your project in the best and effective way. It is a very flexible, simple, and user-friendly template that enables you to manage your workload in the most appropriate manner without any trouble.

With its help one can assess the time duration for its project completion, it identifies the resources for your project as well as manage the dependencies of the task. By using this template you can simply lead your project towards success.

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