What is project task list template? A task list is the set of essential activities that are considered important during the project management. This list consist of specific tasks that are need to be manageable and is construct with the agreement of all the team members and stakeholders.

The project task list template is create according to the nature of project, the task list will be simple if the project is small and the task list will be more define and explain if the task is complicated. The list will ensure that all the resources are available for bathe project to be perform.

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This template has a lot of benefits in management of a project. Some of the benefits are as follows

Benefits of Project Task List Template Excel

  1. As the tasks are divide within the workers of organization so the work is complete very efficiently and effectively, as a result the delivery of the product become fast.
  2. Risk management due to the division of tasks the chances of risks reduces and if any abnormality occurs it is very easy to manage. So the project task list if necessary for the health of a project.
  3. It increases the productivity, by reducing the time required to achieve specific goals.
  4. This template make the team members motivated to do better work and give performance which is considerable. It ensures the success of team members as well with the progress of project.
  5. With the help of this template stakeholder and the team members can check out the progress of the project and also can get the feedback on their performance.
  6. A balance between workload will keep with the help of this template for timely deliveries.


The project task list is also known as to-do list and is helpful in the task accomplishment. This breakdown the work load in a manageable sections that can be completed independently and require different resources. Resources can be arrange accordingly to make the work easier.

How to Increased Productivity with Project Task List Template

We can increase the productivity of the project by using this list template, this list serve as tool for you in monitoring the progress of the project. There are following things that will keep you on track,

  1. Actions To Be Perform

The list contains all the things that need to be perform. It also mentions the timeline for the each task so that your project complete on time. You have to consider each and every section very carefully. It may take time but will make your work easier.

  1. Discuss The Details

You have to be very much detail about the task so that it can be easily understand by all the team members. The subject of the project may be same but all the stakeholder template involve have different concerns and focuses from the project.

  1. Categorization Of Personals

There are different roles and responsibilities assigned to different personals according to project task list. These responsibilities are assign according to the talents and abilities.

A project must require a manager or a leader to check out all the activities of the team members and he will monitor the progress according to the task list.

  1. Tracking Of Project

Once the list of actions to be perform, give the explanation about the tasks, the manager or leader is appoint. The next task is to set a target to evaluate your project progress. Set the deadlines for your project. If time for the project is one year you have to check out the progress monthly. The report can be extract weekly or daily.

  1. Mention The Budget

This action is usually will not give much importance but it is very important to set the budget and cost becoming starting any project. If the budget is not set than your project may be over budget, postpone or may be stop.

Project Management Tool List

There are several tools that will help you properly in implementing the actions and achieving the desired goals. in this tool you access to download ( milestone tracker, project to do list,  Gantt chart, project scheduling and reporting)

Project Management Tool List

They are some points which we will discuss below

  • Managing The Work Flow

Management of the workflow is consider as a vital step in the initial stages of project management. As for well-known and large companies management can be done by using MS software while for small units there are different ways to organize or manage the workflow

  • Management Of Time

The project in which revenue is spend, you have to be very careful about the time and scheduling. For a successful project you have to be much scheduled in your project and time management is also a very important factor.

  • Communication

Communication is very important for the proper growth of your project. If the team members are in continuous contact with each other the work can be manage effectively and efficiently. it makes the work easy so it plays very important role in any type of project or in any organization.

 Project Management Task List Examples

A project management task list is the set of prioritised activities that are necessary for the proper workflow of your project. It contains the list of tasks need to be done and also give the timeline for the specific task to be performed.

There are following types of these template which are as follows

Construction Project Task List Template

It contains the following tools

  • Designing
  • Pre-construction plans
  • Acquisition
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Ownership
  • Closure of project

That are the main points of construction project task list template.

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IT Task Template

It’s the list of task for managing and scheduling the IT project. It makes the work easy and effective. It is of professional status.

Action Item List Template

Manage action items list regarding particular project through different template, this one also call project management to-do-list template.

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