Project Deliverables Template

In this article, we will discuss the project deliverables template that has key importance in a project management life cycle. It considers even bigger than the goals and objectives of the project. The project deliverable is actually the results of the project or the outputs of the project life cycle.

Project deliverables template excel is directly dependent on the input of the project which is data and resources. If you invest some decent input you will surely get a handsome deliverable that ensures the progress of your company. It can be in the form of a product or documentation that ensures the signing off of the project as well as its completion.

In addition, the project deliverables template has many other benefits which will discuss below

  • Project Deliverables template excel provides Flexible import and export on excel. This template can easily download from the internet. And it is easy to export this template and import the spreadsheet containing the data.
  • It also provides a Timeline column. This template also provides the timeline of the project that helps you to keep on track throughout the project life cycle.
  • Template for Project Tracking Excel.
  • It has a column for the calculation of cost. You can add all your expenses in the template and get them arrange in a very manageable way.
  • This template can customize according to the requirements of your company.
  • This template is very helpful. you can get this template easily from anywhere.

Project Deliverables Template

A list of deliverables creates by the project manager in order to meet the specifications of the customers. Deliverables may vary according to the project and its requirements. so the project manager creates it according to needs.

What Is Project Deliverables?

A project deliverable can be a product or service that any project makes for the stakeholders.

There is a connection between stakeholders and deliverables. So stakeholders should be informed about the deliverables. If we talk about who are stakeholders so here we have discussed stakeholders in detail.

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Projects can have more than one deliverable. In this case, we have to prioritize the work, which one is more important to be complete on the first priority. In order to manage the project deliverable effectively and efficiently. Excel provides a beneficial template that helps manage this work in the best way possible.

Types of Project Deliverables Template

There are the following different types of project deliverables templates. In the case of an IT domain, an application is a final deliverable. Similarly, in the case of the real state, any manufacturing or construction is the deliverable.

Interim Deliverables

These are the deliverables that are not finalized and appreciated by the customers but it is presented to the customer in the interim form for the satisfaction that the project is going on as per their requirement.

Final Deliverables

These are the finalized results presented to the customer after testing or approval from the organizations.

External Deliverables

These are the deliverables you may produce for the benefit of the customer which ultimately leads your company towards progress.

Internal Deliverables

These are the deliverables that produce or design directly to benefit your company. It may include any training courses.

Download: Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel

 How to Create an Effective Project Deliverable

There are many steps involved that collectively make an effective deliverable in the project life cycle. The following key elements are considered in order to make a deliverable. The success of your company greatly depends upon the outcome of your project. The key elements are as follows

Understanding of Requirements

The team should have a better understanding of the requirement, budget, and objectives. They should accept the project on the basis of their feasibility.

Statement of Project Scope

Explain the project deliverable specifications to the customer after making the scope and finalizing the deliverables.

Project Scope Management Plan Template

Receiving the Project Input

Receive the input, analyze it carefully to check whether it is according to the requirements of deliverables or not.


Make a plan for the project life cycle keeping in mind the milestone. Share the information of the planning with your customer for his satisfaction.

Design the Document

The documentation should be completed properly for trust-building purposes.


Start the processing of the task, understand the roles and responsibilities, assign the task to your team member according to their abilities and expertise.


Finally, when you have completed all the work and gained the outputs. Test them yourself or handover to the customer for testing purposes. Make changes according to the feedback of the customer.


Deliver the final product or deliverables as mentioned in the agreement.


Check out if everything is done in an effective way and close the project.

The above-mentioned strategy will surely lead your company towards success. It may be helpful in making a good reputation of your company among your competitors in the market.

Internal References: Project Management Plan Template

External References: Project Deliverables

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