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Do you need to manage multiple tasks at a time? It can be a challenge to manage multiple tasks at a time. Multiple project tracking templates can help you to do all this work in a very effective way. By using a single file one can manage a lot of tasks simultaneously. This Template is simple and customizable according to your plans.

What are multiple project tracking templates? Project Portfolio Dashboard Management of tasks, availability of resources, and time management for the completion and execution of more than one project is called multiple project tracking.

  1. The template format is Excel, (Advance Excel + Macros Based)
  2. Project Portfolio Dashboard Template (Customise Option is Available)
  3. Download Multiple Project Tracking Template

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What is Project Portfolio Dashboard? Template Features

You can also say this basically a multiple project tracking template is a special excel template is here for tracking multiple projects. This template can manage the number of projects as many as you need to execute. You can use this template by simply putting your own data according to the requirements of your project.

  1. This template can be created by using Microsoft Excel
  2. A multiple-project dashboard is an important tool that can organize in a very effective way
  3. All the information about the projects is stored on this template and is easily accessible
  4. The information can update easily and can share with all the team members for a better understanding
  5. The great benefit is that once you make your template, you can use this many times in different projects when needed

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template

You want your best to manage multiple projects at the same time. This template makes your work simple or easy because it helps you to tell about different projects at the same time. According to your demand, this template has many different tracking templates available for a job and what you needs for your project.

The tracking of multiple projects can easily download from the internet. You have to enter your plans and resources according to your project’s requirements. It may also include dashboard template excel, Gantt charts for multiple projects, multiple project timeline template excel, and multiple project status report templates.

Tracking Of Progress of Multiple Projects

Key takeaways for tracking of progress of multiple projects,

  1. Mention the task list of each project.
  2. Mention the timeline for each project.
  3. Use the resource management tools.
  4. Make sure a good communication among the team members.
  5. Highlight the milestones and priorities.

These are the key points for tracking of progress of multiple projects.

Milestone Tracking

The Milestone tracking is the sub-process in the project tracking and the project is always only successful if the Clint and stakeholders are happy or satisfied. Milestone is mainly related to scope, what is to be delivered, the quality of deliverables, the budget, and timeline, and time scale elements are beautifully managed by milestone tracking.

A healthy project planning focuses on deliverables and shows ways how the work is achievable in a given period of time. We can use a milestone tracker in order to identify the key delivery dates.

Then the time in which work is completed compares with the committed dates. This is called milestone tracking.

Download: Project Deliverables Template

How To Set A Milestone?

  • Scoped out the milestone so when you look at milestones you can have a better understanding of the project
  • It should be reliable and timely
  • It should be progressive

Task List Template

This template is also known as a to-do list and it contains the set of prioritizing activities that are needed to perform for the execution and completion of the project. This template helps manage the workload of the project.

It allocates time for the tasks and informs you what to expect from the project. This reduces the stress on the manager as it divides the workload among the team members according to the task list template.

Download: Project Task List Template Excel

Purpose Of Task List Template

  • This is a form of checklist template that helps to organize your work in a manageable way and ensures the progress of your project.
  • The basic template contains the subject of the task, starting date, ending date, current status, and additional information, so it gives the overall view of the project.
  • This template can use in another project according to need.
  • The task list template reduces the chances of risk and if any abnormalities occur, the manager can easily detect the error and remove it very effectively and keep the project in progress.

Types Of Task Lists

  1. Daily task list template
  2. Weekly task list template
  3. Monthly task list template

These were the three types which are mentioned above

Gantt Chart Project Portfolio Dashboard

If you have any project to manage and especially when your project is handled by a number of team members you are going to need a Gantt chart for managing your project as it helps in splitting up the project into its components.

Planning and execution of a project become a lot easier by using these charts. It does not matter which type of project you are dealing with, it helps to improve the health of your project. It’s important to use the right type of Gantt chart.

Gantt Chart Excel Template

If you summarize the Gantt chart, it will help in

  • Identify the activities going on
  • Starting and ending times of the activities
  • How much time will the project take
  • The dependencies on which the progress of the project lies
  • Progress status of your project
  • Specifies who is responsible for any error
  • Find out the risk factors associated with the project.

here is a sample of its template

Gantt Chart Template

Gantt charts are in visual form. It contains a list of tasks. Time scale, tasks are represented by bars and its length represents the duration of tasks, titles of the activities are also mentioned. It also gives you perfect information, for reporting this template of excel is useful.

Calendar Tracking Dashboard

Calendar tracking is very important in handling the working of the project. It defines the working and nonworking hours of the project, and days for tasks, and also mention the working hours of a company, also mention as vacations and holidays—the most important key tool of the Project Portfolio Dashboard Template.

The advantage of using calendar tracking for your project is as follows; it gives the timing of the plans for working days, it keeps the company informed of any remainders, and it helps in keeping a record of the working hours of the workers.

In an effective calendar, you have to create a routine, arrange the meeting accordingly, schedule the timing for different conferences, and manage your time in a very effective way

Heat Map Management Dashboard

Heat map management is a way of repressing renting the outcomes of a project qualitatively and quantitatively. It evaluates and checks out the interaction between the visitors and the website how the visitor is perceiving your website, what factors increase your visitors, and what are the reasons the visitors are leaving your site.

For identifying all these aspects you have to update your site from time to time and for this purpose of analyzing and improving your website for better feedback, the tools used are called heat maps. It gives a graphical representation of the interaction between the visitors and websites.

There are three following types

  • Click and tap heat map
  • Move heat map
  • Scroll heat map

These are the types that have been mentioned above. Heat map management also gives a graphical representation of the interaction between visitors and websites.

Resource Management Portfolio Dashboard Template

Resource management is the process of planning, scheduling, and allocating your resources to improve the health of your project. The resource is anything that needs to perform a task. That can be the availability of skills, adoption of any software, appointing a manager, or important team members.

Managing resources or the scheduling or planning of the project, budgets for equipment or people, and costs of other supplies.

  1. it provides an overview of all the activities
  2. This Dashboard gives clear planning and management of the project.
  3. it also gives you the opportunity of monitoring the project
  4. by managing the resources, the efficiency is maximized
  5. This template helps in avoiding the risks

In addition, The most important resource for any project is the talent of the employee that you are appointing for your project because the success of your project depends upon the commitment of your employee.

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