Weekly Status Report Template

Looking for a Weekly status report template? It is an explained document that gives the current state of your project including success of the project, effort of the team members and the risks which any project is facing. Template you can download in Excel and PPT format.

It gives the weekly report of your project, how the quality of work is and how promising your team members are towards their project. This report is updated weekly and helps the manager to manage the project efficiently.

It also helps the manager to check the performance of the employee or team members. Weekly project report template save the business from unwanted harms your company may deal with.

Format of Status Report Template

  1. It gives the summary of the work going on within a week
  2. Determines how much work has been done within a last week
  3. Indicate the plans for the upcoming week
  4. Indicate the progress of the project
  5. Gives the outline of the money spend on any project
  6. The timeline given to complete specific task within given week
  7. Specify the risk your company is facing
  8. Manage the risks for successful project

The weekly status project report must contain the above-mentioned information about which a manger has to communicate with the team.

Weekly Status Report Template
Weekly Status Report Template

The goals of weekly status project template is to tell the stakeholders (view Stakeholder Register Template) about the progress of the project and to prevent the risks before they arise and make sure that the project will end up within given time. The communication between the team members is very necessary as everyone should know about the loop of the progress of the project.

Elements of Weekly Status Report Template

Following are essential steps or element of status reporting

  • Give out the project details
  • Enlist the project name and project code if you have applied any
  • List the names of project managers and the members of your team
  • Mention the starting date as well as the time limit as in, a week or a month, project completion date.
  • Keep in the dependencies on which the progress of your project lies
  • Give out the project summary, the schedule or plan of the project must be mentioned.
  • Scope of the project: has the project is within a scope or not.
  • Give details about budget: make sure your project not exceeding the limit of budget.
  • Mention the
  • Discuss the risks and roadblocks.

these are the elements which we have discussed above.

Benefits of Weekly Project Status Report Template

Project report template has a lot of benefit in a project life cycle template of any project. Some of them are discussed here

Without any charge

Most of the templates are freely available without any charge on internet.

Printed form

The status template is in a form of printed copy which can be easily shared to the stakeholders and all the members of the team

Clear pattern

The template should be in a very clear pattern and language that is easily under stable


It can be edited easily if any changings are required by the manger for the health of the project

Web based template

Web based template gives an opportunity to all the members related to project to easily access the project status template anytime

How to Write a Status Report Template?

The weekly project status report need the following bodies in order to be created

    • Project Name

    Specify the project name and data

    • Project Status

    Is your project is in progress, delayed or at any risk

    • Summary

    Give out a summary of your project

    • Milestone 1

    Give its explanation according to your type of project

    • Milestone 2

    Give its detail accordingly

    • Milestone 3

    Write its explanation accordingly

    • Challenges And Risk

    Discuss about the challenges and risks

    • Additional Information

    Give out additional information if any

    If you are submitting the weekly status report of your project you can avoid to arrange meetings on regular bases. The weekly reporting actually judges how promising a manager and the team members are towards their project.

    Weekly status report should be regulated to each and every person so they can have an overview of the report. The report should be shared in a best way through different management project tools. Different applications has been designed for this purpose few are these

    1­-project management software

    2-resource management software

    Weekly Status Report Template PPT

    Looking for status report in PowerPoint template? With this excel sheet, you can access Free PPT slides (Premium Bonus). You can also view these slides through Template124.com product page.

    Weekly Status Report Template ppt
    Weekly Status Report Template ppt


    Project Management Weekly Status Report Template

    Project status report is most importantly used in project management plan as it provide the manager with all the information going on during the week. According to this project management weekly status report the manager take further steps and make further plans how to improve the quality of work in the next week and how to minimize the risks.

    As a project manager one has to answer the following questions frequently asked in a template

    • How much goals are achieved within a week?
    • Are the requirements being fulfilled within given budget?
    • What are the main risks your project has faced?
    • What are the important information the project is giving?

    Weekly Progress Report Template

    A weekly progress report template gives all the updates bout how much task has been completed and how much work is left to be done. While writing a progress report first you have to write the heading of your progress report then give the introduction what is it about, mention the work accomplished and then lastly discuss the risk factors.

    Types of Weekly Progress Report Template

    Progress report format is of three main types

    1. Memo: This is very short used only within an organization. Since the report is to be circulated within a company so it is written in a short memo. Memos are actually informal.
    2. Letter or email: like memos these are also short but this contains a little explanation and is used within or outside an organization. Letters and emails are also informal
    3. Formal report: It is the longer one and is generally used outside an organization

    Frequently Ask Questions and Answers

    Following are basic FAQS regarding this template, if you didn’t understand, then you can directly request us either contact us or comment us.

    How can I write customize Status report in Word or Excel?

    In our bundle, you can download complete set of customizable excel and word template with also PPT slides, so you don’t need to waste your time.

    Dashboard of project status include in this package?

    Yes, you can download project portfolio dashboard of status report in this package

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